Apr 18, 2014

Suddenly my trackpad is unresponsive

It was the weirdest thing.. I'd be working on something, go to move my trackpad and it wouldn't budge. Then I'd try again and suddenly it'd jump to life. What on earth was going on? Ug, "last time I buy non-Lenovo or Apple hardware for my laptop" I thought.

The touchscreen was fine actually and after a day I found myself typing an email and tapping the send button rather than trying to use the mouse to click it. Enough of this nonsense, what's going on here!?

Well it turns out that Ubuntu has a feature that disables the trackpad while you're typing. Makes sense I suppose.. who wants big meaty hands accidentally moving your beloved cursor while you're typing sweet nothings to your dear 'ol sweetie pie?

Not I said the cat. Luckily the solution is fairly simple. Pop open your settings and head to the trackpad tab. There you'll find the options to disable it OR you can just lower the timeout. The default for some reason is 2 seconds. 0.2 seconds worked for me though you may want to try 0.5 if you're a bit slower.

If you don't have those settings, check out this handy blog post which will show you how to achieve the same effect from the command line.

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