Nov 4, 2011

Two things missing from Google Voice

I love using Google Voice. By default I use it to handle all my voicemails since it has some nifty features over what otherwise would be standard using T-mobile. For example, I love that I can listen to my voicemails from a web browser where ever I am in the world. The fact that it handles text messages too is a big plus. Lastly, the translation attempts are usually good enough that I can just read the message that somebody left without bothering to listen to it. (Afterall, most messages are just a variation of people I know telling me to call them back.) Then there's call blocking, cheap international phone calls, etc etc.

So with all that good stuff how could they possibly improve? Well, I think the Android app (at least for Gingerbread and earlier) has two fundamental problems:

1. There's no option for speakerphone. That means you're stuck putting the phone to your ear when you listen to the voicemails. A bit of a pain in the butt especially given #2:

2. The app doesn't take advantage of the proximity sensor. So whenever you stick the phone to your ear you may accidentally pause the voicemail as it plays back.

Overall it's a great app, but those two flaws are pretty amateur in my opinion. I can't understand how somebody who works at Google would not have reported and fixed these by now. Or maybe they have in Ice Cream Sandwich. I guess I'll know in a few months!

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