Nov 11, 2011

ffmpeg problems in homebrew

File this under: things I'm documenting on my blog in case I can't find the solution next time I need it. So there's a problem with the latest ffmpeg in homebrew where it's failing to compile. Unfortunately it's also keeping a number of other unrelated packages back. Luckily we can work around the issue by pinning ffmpeg to version 0.6.3. Here's how we do it:

cd `brew --prefix`
git checkout 1563196 /usr/local/Library/Formula/ffmpeg.rb
brew uninstall ffmpeg
brew install ffmpeg

Thanks to Sharpie for posting the solution over on Github.

Next up, if they actually update ffmpeg you may need to revert to head. Do that this way:

cd `brew --prefix`
git reset --hard
brew update
brew upgrade

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