Sep 29, 2011

Whoa, what happened to my company blog?

A few days ago I logged into blogger to write a new post for our company blog only to find that it had completely disappeared. There was a helpful link that said "My blog disappeared from my account!" which let me click through to a form I could fill out to recover it. Sadly, that didn't work.. I was only given a cryptic message that said "No blog found at". No reason was given as to what happened to it but somewhere I read that blogs are usually removed due to TOS violations.

But here's the thing. The content on that blog was only about 4 articles. One about RPG Buddy, One about headless testing with zombie.js, an article about ClassyCAS, and a brief introduction article. Hardly the steamy sort of topics that might get you banned from blogger.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be an official way to contact the blogger team to ask for a reason or get some help. Sure, I didn't lose a ton of content but what about this blog? Or what about YOUR blog? If somebody has a way to get me in touch with the blogger team, I'd really appreciate it. Maybe you can send them a nice note for me via twitter or retweet the note I sent them.

October 10: It's back. I had to appeal on a public forum and promise that I wasn't a spammer but somebody finally sent it over to Google to take a look at. Frankly, I felt it was a humiliating experience. For shame, Google.

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