Jun 3, 2010

RPG Buddy: Track initiative for tabletop games on the iPhone

Hooray, we finally got our first iPhone app out the door! It was actually started about a year ago but other projects kept us from actually getting it shipped. (Good news paying customers, you are still our highest priority. Now the application itself may not be terribly exciting unless you are a nerd (which you are if you're reading this blog). We called it RPG Buddy.

Now the purpose of the app is really really simple. All it does is let you create encounters by adding monsters and PCs. Every round it will roll initiative for you so sequence is maintained and documented. The DM can then shift positions (if a creature or player delays) or remove them (if they die or flee).

We built this app for 4e (4th edition Dungeons and Dragons) but because the license is more restrictive than 3.5e we had to be careful about what we included. There was actually much much more we wanted to do but fear of litigation kept us from going too deep.

We're still considering adding a few features such as a setting to change the default die from a d20 to something else. Also, now that there's an iPad, we're also considering making it a universal app. It still does work on iPad but I have to say I'm a bit surprised that the text doesn't scale more cleanly.

If you want to check it out and leave a review in the comments we'll take a look at any suggestions that come out. Download it from here!

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