Feb 15, 2010

An (easier) guide to installing Cyanogen 5.0.2 on the Nexus One

A while back I followed this great video tutorial from Android and Me to get root access on my Nexus One. I travel quite a bit and need the USB Tether option in order to handle 'emergency' customer requests.

A few weeks back Google updated the Nexus One to include multi-touch. Unfortunately, having already rooted my N1, I was out of luck when it came to applying the OTA update. Looks like once you start down the unlock/root path you pretty much need to follow it. The XDA forums are helpful but there's a ton of chatter which makes it hard to keep up. Since Android and Me never put out an updated video (hint hint) I thought I'd take a crack at documenting how I updated my N1.

First a caveat:

This worked for me but I am *not* an expert. Follow the advice of people who claim to know what they're doing if they have helpful advice.

Now that we have that clear, here's what I did:

1. Get your files!
Head over to the XDA thread and download the latest Cyanogen Mod, Radio update, and Google Addons. As of this writing, that's version 5.0.2. Be very careful to reconcile the instructions on the thread with what I've written.. if a new version of the Cyanogen mod is up there then this post may be obsolete and harm your phone.

Once you have all 3 files downloaded, plug your N1 into your computer and copy the two zip files to the root of your SD card.

2. Reboot phone & hold down trackball to get into fastboot mode
Once you've got the phone rebooted into fastboot mode, plug it in to your computer via USB. If you're on linux, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the fastboot binary and type

sudo su
./ fastboot devices
./fastboot flash radio /path/to/image.img

Where the /path/to/image.img is the path to the radio image. Note that you might not need to update the radio. But if you're going from the Android and Me "making bacon" version to 5.0.2 then I would.

3. Reboot into Recovery & WIPE
Now that you've got the radio image flashed, reboot the phone (again holding down the trackball) and enter recovery mode. Once there, use the trackball to navigate down to the option that says "Wipe" and then Wipe everything.

4. Apply Cyanogen's mod from the SD card
After wiping your phone, navigate back to the main menu and select the option to apply and update from your sdcard. You should see at least 2 options:

1. update-cm-5.0.2-N1-signed.zip
2. gapps-passion-ERE36B-2-signed

Apply update #1 first

5. Apply the Google additions from the SD Card
Once done with step 4, again navigate back and rechoose the same option to apply an update but this time:

Apply update #2

6. Reboot your phone and cross your fingers.
If it worked the boot up animation should change to blue indicating that you're now using Cyanogen 5.0.2. Congratulations!

7. Go download all the apps & set your stuff up again.
In case you're wondering, my essential apps are: DoggCatcher, Twidroid, Pandora, Shazam, StreamFurious, ConnectBot, and Google Skymap.

By the way, the first time I did this, my data connection did not turn on. I've heard that wiping again can help that, but for me a simple reboot was sufficient. I've already donated to Cyanogen and if you also want to contribute to his efforts, go ahead and Buy him a beer

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