Jun 29, 2009

Recent Update to Gedit Find in Files

I've updated the Find in Files plugin for Gedit again. It should be a tiny bit faster and also be able to search special characters. That means you can search for "<%= link_to" instead of just "%= link_to". (Characters are now properly escaped.) The conflict with the Find in Documents plugin should also work.

The original instructions for using the plugin were on my old site, but the gist is that you (may) need SnapOpen and need to enable the default File Browser plugin. Once you enable the File in Files plugin a 3rd tab will appear at the bottom of the screen. Typing in any search results there will display any matching files under your File Browser root with matching results. Basically a glorified grep -R

Update [11-20-2009]: New version released which supports Ack.

At some point I may get ambitious and add the ability to exclude log files, but for the moment I'd suggest only searching within a modest scope. i.e. searching within your Rails App folder? Ok! Searching within your Rails Root folder? Not such a great idea because of the potentially large log files and also all the plugins you may have. You can try it but you've been warned..

Again, I welcome any contributions or forks, so please have at it. Gedit plugins are written in Python or C and I don't program either particularly well.


  1. Thanks for this. I've used the previous version for a while now and the character escaping always bugged me.

  2. Thanks! I was really looking for this during a lot of time! Fer

  3. I just posted a new version that uses ack-grep. You'll need to sudo apt-get install ack-grep and then the results should be much much faster..