May 21, 2009

Android apps I'm playing with this week

I'm (somewhat) patiently awaiting the cupcake build for my Android phone. While browsing around the market, I came across a few apps to take for a spin and thought I'd write a short post about them. Without further delay, here are four apps I kind of liked.

1. Contact Owner: This is a simple application but incredibly useful. When you launch it you select some preliminary text, a contact's information, and finally some concluding text. It will then display that message on your phone when it's locked. Why is that useful? It's intended for the scenario where you lose your phone and a some kind soul recovers it. In my case it might say:

If found, please return to:
Vince Wadhwani: 202-555-1212
Reward if returned.

Pretty handy, eh? Sure beats the paper and tape I usually use.

2. Slicehost: This is an application from the guys at Slicehost to help manage your slices. I have a few slices there so I thought I'd download it and give it a whirl. The only downside so far is that you have to enable API access on your slice and then manually type the API key into the application.

Slicehost rarely does anything badly, so I imagine there's a good reason to require the key and not just do it by one-time email/password retrieval. I think the other limitation is that you'll only be able to manage one account at a time which may or may not be a big deal for you depending on how many client slices you manage.

3. Connect Four: Yeah, this last one is a softball. I feel it's like tic tac toe and there's no reason to ever lose a round against the computer. But for whatever reason (concentration is the easiest culprit to blame) it is challenging. Fun too.

4. Spare Parts: If you've got cupcake, this is a nice addition. It allows you to add some features missing from the default options including keyboard animations and haptic responses. Worth playing with!

All the above apps are free so unless you're hurting for space I'd say give them a try.

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