Jan 25, 2009

Top 10 Android App's II

I did a writeup on my Top Android Apps back in November. How times change! After 2 months of using my G1, a lot of the apps I wrote about have been erased and replaced with new ones. Here's the current state of the android. (With a few exceptions all these apps are available through the Market!)

10. Toggle WiFi: This is a solid little app that does one thing but does it well: it toggles the WiFi on and off. That's especially handy if you use a streaming audio application (#4). For example StreamFurious will cut out when you make the transition from 3G to WiFi or vice versa.

9. AK Notepad A super simple notebook application that lets you type in text freeform. It's a hold over from my last list. Simplicity works!

8. Video Player: One of the apps that dropped off my list from last time is DoggCatcher. I just am not listening to as many podcasts anymore. I'm also not watching many videos on my G1 these days, but it is a handy app for those occasions when you do need to watch something.

7. WeatherBug: Another hold over from my last Top 10. If you need to find the weather this is a good choice. Not as invasive as other weather apps though I've heard that these guys used to do nasty things on other platforms.. (I'm keeping an eye on you!)

6. Shazam: The ultimate music identifying application. Out somewhere and want to ID that song that's playing? This your solution!

5. Steel: An alternative to the native browser, this application has made really good progress. It seems just as fast and has a few extra features such as a built-in software keyboard and an auto-rotate of the screen depending on how you're holding it. Two features that the Android team may not have included due to patent concerns.

4. StreamFurious is an application that let's you stream audio from icecast servers. I use it to listen to NPR since the G1 lacks a radio. Very cool.

3. Tetherbot: Although it isn't a true tethering application, it will let you use your G1's connection to access the net on your laptop's web browser. Given how much you can do through a browser these days, it's a pretty awesome app.

2. aTrackDog: One of the constant headaches is keeping the already installed apps on your phone up to date. Enter aTrackDog which does it for you. Launch the app and it'll let you know how many of the applications on your phone have newer versions. It's almost like and apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade but for Android. Very handy until an official solution appears!

1. ConnectBot: I use this app all the time. It seems that anytime I need to access a server I'm without my laptop. This is the all time most useful app I'm run into on my Android phone and the single biggest reason the iPhone is a non-starter for me.

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