Nov 29, 2008

Top 10 Android Apps I

I've been really enjoying my HTC G1 Android phone. One of the best things about it is of course the software. I decided to a post a list of software applications that I've got installed. Over time I'll update the list.. I'm sure some of the apps will get bumped off while other new ones take their place. Since all Android apps are stored in phone memory and not on the external SD card, space is limited. Here's what made the cut this time:

10. DoggCatcher: Since there's no built-in radio on the HTC G1 I've got to get my audio through MP3s and Podcasts. The built-in MP3 player is good enough for me so I didn't download Tunewiki, but I needed something to manage the podcasts. DoggCatcher is that app for now.

9. G1 Central: If you've got an account over at GrandCentral then this is a pretty cool app that let's you actually dial using that phone number.

8. Power Manager: This is another highly rated app from the Marketplace. It automatically monitors your battery and takes steps to conserve your battery life as it wanes. It does this by shutting down some services like Bluetooth or dimming the screen. I'd probably have listed this higher but I have a sane set of defaults already and the app overrides those when it goes into monitor mode. Maybe as I get to know it better I'll unlock the secrets everyone else may know.

7. AK Notepad: This is a really simple app which lets you type text into a notepad. You can write anything you want.. it's very freeform. I use it to track my frequent flyer numbers and keep a list of restaurants I want to try later.

6. SpellDial: This is one of those apps that compensates for an Android shortcoming. I really dislike the way you have to scroll through contacts to find somebody you want to call. SpellDial gives you a nice onscreen dialpad which you can use to find contacts using T9 style input. Very handy.. wish I could use this as the default Dialer interface.

5. Connectbot: I talked about Connectbot on my other blog a while back. It now supports public key which is awesome. If you do any type of programming and need to administer a server via ssh, then this is your app.

4. WeatherBug: I tried a few other weather apps but found this one to be the easiest to use so far. Does what I need. If you find it turning on your GPS too often disable the notification for severe weather alerts.

3. Shazam: This is the app everyone loves to show off on their iPhone. Being a music lover I find it very useful. My mind is a vault of music snippets but if I ever find a song I can't place, Shazam comes to the rescue. Great name too..

2. Video Player: It's a shame that the HTC G1 didn't come with a video player other than the YouTube player. For those that need to watch movies of any sort, this is an essential application.

1. Rings Extended: This is another app that compensates for shortcomings. Check out the Android Apps website for a video review.

One thing that's wild about this list is that all the applications I've mentioned are free. It's going to be interesting to see which developer finally has the guts to charge for an app on the Android Marketplace.

The other item I'd like to note is that I didn't mention any games on this list. Right now I'm only playing Bonsai Blast and Solitaire.. perhaps later I'll have enough games installed to come up with a separate list.

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