Nov 21, 2008

Quick Tip: Move to Desktop for Mac OSX Spaces

One of the things I love about my virtual desktops in linux is the ability to move applications from one desktop to the next. I have my own personal preferences that usually involve email on desktop 1, web browser on 2, development profile on 3, and miscellaneous stuff on 4. My Dell XPS broke again yesterday so I once again find myself on a Mac. After setting up Quicksilver and Spaces, I struggled to find out how to get the "Send to Desktop" functionality I enjoyed on my Debian setup. Like many things Mac, there is a solution, it's easy, but not very well documented. Here's how to do it.
The most important thing is to figure out how to switch between your Spaces. In my setup, I've configured Spaces to use command + # to move between desktops. So command-1 moves to Desktop 1, command-2 to Desktop 2, etc. If you have your web browser open on Desktop 1 and you want to move it to Desktop 2, the process goes something like this:

Click your mouse on the title bar of the application (e.g. Safari). Now, with the mouse button still clicked, hit the key combination you setup to move in between Desktops and go to the Desktop you'd like the application to be on. So in my scenario, if I have Safari open on Desktop 1 and I want to move it to Desktop 2, it's as simple as clicking my mouse on the Safari title bar and with the mouse button still held down, typing command-2. If you have the spaces toolbar enabled you'll see the -1- become a -2- which tells you that it worked. Safari is now on Desktop 2. Simple, eh?

That being said, I still prefer the way it's done in linux. I guess some people are hard to please!

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