Nov 22, 2008

Nvidia 9400M vs 8400M GS

It might seem obvious that a newer graphics card would perform better, but in the case of the 9400M vs the 8400M GS there is a key difference which makes the comparison a bit more complicated. The 9400M is the new integrated Nvidia chipset present in the new MacBook and MacBook Air while the 8400M GS is a discrete video card that shipped with Dell's XPS M1330 about a year ago.

I found a few places that did comparisons and it turns out the short answer is that the 9400M performs better for most applications including games while the 8400M GS does better for video encoding. It's pretty surprising to me to see how much better the overall score for the 9400M is though.

What surprises me is that Dell continues to ship the bulkier 8400M GS in their m1330 given the above numbers. At this stage there are much better graphical options besides the 8400M so even if they had chosen not to go with the 9400M there are far better cards to have used in speed bumps. As it is, the difference between the m1330 from a year ago and today is the processor, hard disk space, and a finger print reader. Hardly worthy of my dollars...

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