Nov 19, 2008

Debian Package Screenshots

One of the great things about Debian is the vast number of packages available for easy installation. No matter what you're looking for, chances are you're just a simple apt-get install away. Searching for packages in Debian (or Ubuntu) from the command line has always been easy with apt-cache search. What more could you want? A sign of a great company is the ability to anticipate needs and although Debian isn't a company per se, I think they've done a great service by launching a new site aimed at gathering screenshots.

Face it, no matter how easy it is to install a package and no matter how fast your internet connection is, sometimes you just loathe to sully your box with an app you may need to just uninstall in a few minutes. If you could just *see* what the application looked like you might even know if it did what you wanted. (Case in point, I'm still not sure if Kate in KDE4 has a tree view!)

I think it's brilliant. The one thing that seems interesting is that you don't have to register to upload a screenshot. Instead each file is reviewed by an admin team. While that may not scale in the long run, it's easily fixed through Open-ID. Rock on folks.

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